Book Title: Mirage
Jisha Rajesh

Book Title:
The book’s title ‘ Mirage ‘ is mysterious and different.

Book Cover:
The cover of the book is an image of a woman’s eyes that look intriguing with a veiled face. Nothing much can be inferred from the image about the story.

When I sat down to read this book, what I expected was a love story of a young girl waiting for her cousin’s wedding and later on confessing about her lover to her uncle, who her caretaker since the day when Nikki lost her parents.  But what this book offered was an entirely different thing. Though the book is a decent read, I found the cover disappointing.  The first chapter and the blurb don’t match until the story moves further to chapter 8.

‘ Mirage ‘ is a story of a young woman Nikita, who is excited for her cousin sister Richa’s wedding along with her bestie Tanvi.  As they both shop for the wedding, an unexpected call from Nikki’s ‘ Mamu ‘ leaves her shocked and leaves for their hometown Satvada asking Tanvi to bid a forever goodbye to ‘ Him ‘. What is the news that shocked her? Who is He?

I will not delve deeper into what is it that the book exactly is about but it is definitely w a worthy quick read.

What I like:
1. The unknown mystery is kept intact until the end.
2. The strength of all the character’s including the servants has added charm to the story.
3.  Small nuances of the forgotten love story were very heartwarming.
4. The dose of humor in some chapters was apt and welcoming. There are some places where a reader will say out these two statements: ‘ After all men will be men ‘ and ‘ Well, women are such beings ‘.

What I didn’t like:
1. As we say that the face is the index of the mind, the cover image of the book could have been a better one.
2. The last few chapters are found to be written with a push to complete the story. Some more story in the last chapters could have been added.

Starting from the female protagonist, Nikita aka Nikki to the Police Officer or the Super cop aka Dev, all the characters are plotted so very well. The male protagonist, Sidhant aka Sid is a man to fall for whereas the antagonist Aniket is a fool. And other characters are also scripted well.

The narration is absolutely interesting which makes the story a page-turner. There are many aspects covered ranging from romance to sacrifice, from responsibility to honor, from ignorance to superstitions and many more. The author has very well executed in combining all in one story itself.

Language & Grammar:
Fabulous language and great vocabulary are observed. There are some words that fall in perfectly during the storytelling.

My Final Verdict:
An interesting one-time engaging story!

Book Title: 3/5
Book Cover:
Language & Grammar:
Final Rating:

Link to buy the book:



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